Personalised care Private yoga classes Meditation to soothe body & mind


Most people know that yoga is good for improving flexibility, posture and core strength.  

What many people don't know, is that yoga is part of a sister science called Ayurveda, which is a wellness science,. Yep, 3000 years ago the yogi's understood that the body was a complete system and to be well, it was necessary to take care of ALL OF YOU, not just your body.

The yoga postures are just one limb of an entire system that includes dietary recommendations for body type, a code of personal observances for being in harmony with your self and others, as well as meditation for stilling and focusing the mind. Just to name a few.

Ayurveda understands that food is medicine, as are your thoughts and feelings as well as your  relationship to them. This makes yoga a form of therapy suitable for strengthening the body and the mind, to increase life force, preventing and healing disease and illness.

At Nourish yoga, we teach yoga classes to suit the individual needs of our students.  We have assisted clients with conditions such as anxiety, depression, breast cancer, diabetes, eating disorder, MS and other auto immune diseases.

Whilst many people come to yoga to simply de-stress and become more present, our semi-private group classes (max 6 students) and private classes are designed to address your specific health needs, through mindful, breath-focused movement, soothing the nervous system, as well as easing tension in the muscles and the mind.

You wont be expected to perform any weird pretzel shaped postures.  We like to keep things real and so students are encouraged to listen to their body and do what feels right for them, in our friendly, non-competitive, safe space.