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Turn Up Your Zen, A 6 week Meditation Program

Life can be chaotic, messy, unpredictable and overwhelming. 

Especially in home isolation, under pandemic conditions!


It may feel normal to be stressed out, cranky and irritable, zoning out and losing your mojo, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Its natural to feel helpless and anxious.  It's your body's way of telling you what's important.  

Learning how to manage this inner world is the most effective way to take back control and create a sense of clarity and peace. 

I know what it feels like to be stressed and anxious all too well and that's why I created this program.  A curation of various meditation techniques that I discovered over a ten year period, searching for more calm.  These practices helped me to become more relaxed, present and a better Mother.  I share them, so you can find the one (or two) that help you manage your stress and improve the quality of your life.

During this program, you will learn how to: 

* create inner peace & calm;

* cultivate happiness & joy in the most trying of times;

* recognise the thoughts and feelings that create stress & imbalance;

* improve your relationships;

* experience more harmony with our environment and everyone/everything in it.

Experience for yourself, the benefits of ancient practices, integrated with modern science at this dynamic in this 6 week learn to meditate program. 

Just as no two people share the same beliefs and ways of thinking, not every meditation technique works for everyone.  That's why you will be exposed to several techniques to find the one that enables you to activate the body's relaxation response. 

This is an integrated program in which you will practice each technique daily to discover what works best for you.

This program is not for you if you are:

*experiencing problems and are looking for a quick fix;

*sceptical and cynical about trying new things;

*are too busy and unable to devote time each day to the practices..

This program is for you if you are:

* Experiencing stress, insomnia, irritation and are both willing and able to invest the time to change;

* Open-minded and willing to give new things a try;

* Willing to invest 5-20mins each day to implement the week's practice and discover its benefits.

* Able to access the internet and a device to view and listen to the classes.

Next program Dates

The next 6 week program will be offered  during winter 2020

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Here's what participants have to say about Turn UP Your Zen


Tremendous calm

Wonderful Connection

Tremendous calm

Tania helps you find a tremendous sense of calm - a feeling that stays with you whether you're at work, with your family or managing daily challenges.
Tania gently and expertly guides you through the program, offering a new perspective and a positive way forward. With practise, this new approach can have a huge impact on your experiences.


Expert tuition

Wonderful Connection

Tremendous calm

I've done a few meditation courses over the years and what I liked about this one, is Tania keeps it real, drawing on her many experiences of life and how meditation can help you manage the worst of it.

Her expert tuition comes from integrating these practices into real life, not some idealistic dogma that is unattainable.

She's the real deal, living it as well as knowing her stuff.



Wonderful Connection

Wonderful Connection

Wonderful Connection

We had such a lovely group and it was so nice to do this course together.  I realised that I am not the only one who finds things stressful and I also realised that I now have a choice.

I recommend this course to anyone who needs a release valve: A way to get a new perspective and decompress the stresses of work, family & life in general.


What to expect at the meditation program

During the 6 weeks you will develop your capacity for mindfulness through several techniques:

  • Breath focused meditation
  • Visualisation/nature meditation;
  • Body scan;
  • Chakra meditation;
  • Mantra meditation & use of Mala beads;
  • "Being" meditation;
  • Vipassna meditation;
  • Loving kindness meditation.

Each practice is unique and will resonate differently for the practitioner.  

Depending on where you are on your mindfulness journey, some practices will appeal more than others.  

These techniques are designed to:

  • Raise your personal awareness;
  • Enhance your ability to be present;
  • Build your capacity for  "letting things go";
  • Increase your connection to others;
  • Decrease your reactivity;
  • Slow down the mind;
  • Heighten your relaxation response.

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The next 6 week program will be offered  during winter 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be able to sit cross-legged on the floor?

Absolutely not.  You will learn 3 ways to sit for meditation and one of them is sitting in a comfortable chair.

Do I need any previous experience?

No experience is necessary at all.  This course is ideal for perfect beginners or those who have previous experience.

I've heard  it's hard and boring when you learn to meditate.  I'm worried I wont be able to do it?

Its true, meditation can be hard and boring.  You will learn how the buddhist monks use this experience to understand how boredom contributes to stress  AND how to deal with that in  meditation, so it enhances the benefits.

Where are classes held?

The classes are held online and are available to anyone anywhere in the world.  Live classes will be held throughout the week, so you can dial in and join the meditation of the week, recordings of each weeks meditation will be sent to you via email..

What do I need ?

You will need a chair or a mat, a cushion and a blanket if the weather is cool where you are.  You will also need a quiet place, with internet connection and a device to watch and listen from.  

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