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Counselling & Coaching


When feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness affect your work, relationships and parenting, it's time to get some support.  Speaking to a qualified counsellor helps  make sense of the what you are experiencing..

Sometimes an event like a health scare, a relationship breakdown, a change in employment, challenges with parenting can be the trigger to make us feel lost and unclear about who we are and what to do.  

Counselling supports you to understand the thoughts and feelings, so you can find a sense of peace and acceptance.



Coaching supports you in discovering the resources within to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from creating the life you want.  

Together we take it at a pace you feel comfortable with, using NLP and meta coaching to identify thinking patterns that are creating the situations that are working and those that are not.  

The coaching methods used have the capacity to create profound and sustainable shifts by increasing access to new beliefs, motivations, thoughts and feelings which influence the ways you behave. This creates shifts in neurology, stimulating new possibilities.

What does this mean for you?  It means increased energy, enthusiasm, feeling in control and able to overcome your problems.

By integrating mindfulness, counselling and coaching at Nourish, we support you through the process of soothing, nourishing and thriving.  It starts by building understanding of yourself optimising your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and tackling challenges to move towards the life you desire with confidence and wisdom.  


Health Coaching

When you know what you should be eating, but you just can't follow through or a change in diet is required due to improve your health, but you just don't know where to start, then health coaching can help you.

Would you like to experience a pantry make-over, take a shopping tour, understand why not all sugars are the same and what is the deal with fats, carbs, grains and meats... And why is everyone going vegan?

Understand how to truly nourish yourself without the crazy diets, powders or supplements, just good, whole foods. 

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Personal & Professional development

Would you like a road map for your life that can guide you how best to do, you?

Neuroscience is discovering so much more of our potential as human beings.

The question is, how can these discoveries help you reach your dreams and aspirations with more fun, ease and clarity and less of the obstacles and challenges,.

Discover how you do you and how you can do you even better with The Enneagram & Finger Print for Success, two sophisticated, yet profoundly simple resources that bring clarity and purpose to how to live YOUR best life.