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About You


You're capable, successful & creative, but something is missing

From the outside, you appear to have a successful life, but you feel restless and dissatisfied.

There's something niggling at you, something that needs to change.

Perhaps its your career, a health scare or a change in your relationship, but this one, you're not sure how to tackle.  It may seem strange to ask for help, but you realise that the constant in the equation is you and you want to find some new skills to create a new outcome.

You don't need therapy, you need a coach, someone to cheer you on, someone to support and encourage you.

We observe full confidentiality of all our clients, so you can relax.

You have all the answers.

I know that you know.  All the answers are in your already.  If it was clear, you would move forward without hesitation.  But sometimes its not clear and straightforward.  Together, we bring the knowing, the wisdom to light, so you get clear and see what steps you need to take.  This may involve counselling to get clear on the thoughts and feelings.  As for the obstacles in the way, we will work together so you can overcome those road blocks with new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  

In essence, we will discover your super powers and start using them.

Bringing it to life

Its not just about figuring out a new plan.  Sometimes change can be scary and that's why I'm here on the side lines, to be your cheerleader and coach, the one keeping you accountable to doing what it takes to keep moving in the direction of your goal, what ever that might be.

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We need to be compatible to achieve the outcomes you want.  

Let's have a chat to find out if our approach is aligned and how we might work together. Appointments available in the Killara Gordon, Lindfield area.

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