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All Classes are now available online, by live broadcast

In the new  covid-19 pandemic conditions we have taken all our yoga classes  online to keep our precious community safe, happy & healthy.

Continue with your regular class, or join a new one via virtual broadcast, or become a member and enjoy a class any time, any where.

We still offer the same small classes, personalised care and attention, so you wont get lots in the technological transmission.  Give us a a call if you're new to online yoga and we will talk you through.

You will need your own mat, cushion, a laptop, internet connection and a quiet place to practice.

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About Nourish Yoga & Meditation


Nourish with Yoga

Nourish with Meditation

Nourish with Meditation

Yoga unites the mind and body in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation and promotes health and well being. 

Regular practice will help you touch your toes, but it will also help you become stronger and more resilient.

Your posture, breathing and outlook on life will all improve.

A word of warning, you may get addicted to feeling this good and like so many students, you may never want to leave.


Nourish with Meditation

Nourish with Meditation

Nourish with Meditation

Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind.  Just like we rest our body, in meditation, we rest our mind..

Be prepared to become more present and aware of the thoughts and feelings that influence your mood & behaviour.

Yoga is a moving meditation and each class finishes with a guided or self led meditation.  

We also run meditation courses.

There's no dogma or religion, 

 just scientifically proven, ancient practices  what work a treat.


Nourish with Coaching

Nourish with Meditation

Nourish with Coaching

Yoga & meditation have a way of peeling away layers, so you rediscover YOU. 

Sometimes, below the layers, we discover there's more to the stress caused by work, friends, family & health, 

and you may need something more to find  peace & acceptance.

Make an appointment to speak to a qualified counsellor/coach who can help you 

align with what 

makes YOU happy healthy & successful.